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For over 20 years, my favorite hobby has been Science Outreach, first with Science Theatre at Michigan State University and then Science Lions, a group I created, at Pennsylvania State University. Here are some of the demonstrations that I helped to create as part of these groups. (link)

My 2nd favorite hobby is to cook and bake. Check out some of my web published recipes! (link) I tend to make cupcakes (or other baked goods!) for lab members’ birthdays. Here is a link to a Pinterest board showing them (


Dr. Ainslie also quilts. She has started a tradition of making each of her graduate students a quilt when they graduate. Hopefully she can keep it up!

Dr. Cole Batty (2022)

Dr. Chris Genito (2021)

Dr. Kathryn Moore (2020)

Dr. Archana Krovi (actually a post doc! – 2018)

Dr. Naihan Chen (2018)

Dr. Michael Collier (2017)

Dr. Matt Gallovic (2016)


Dr. Kevin Peine (2014)

KP Quilt 1

And baby quilts for post docs and colleagues