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For over 20 years, my favorite hobby has been Science Outreach, first with Science Theatre at Michigan State University and then Science Lions, a group I created, at Pennsylvania State University. Here are some of the demonstrations that I helped to create as part of these groups. (link)

My 2nd favorite hobby is to cook and bake. Check out some of my web published recipes! (link) I tend to make cupcakes (or other baked goods!) for lab members’ birthdays. Here is a link to a Pinterest board showing them (


Dr. Ainslie also quilts. She has started a tradition of making each of her graduate students a quilt when they graduate. Hopefully she can keep it up!

Dr. Dylan Hendy (2023)

Dr. Rebeca Stiepel (2023)

Dr. Cole Batty (2022)

Dr. Chris Genito (2021)

Dr. Kathryn Moore (2020)

Dr. Archana Krovi (actually a post doc! – 2018)

Dr. Naihan Chen (2018)

Dr. Michael Collier (2017)

Dr. Matt Gallovic (2016)


Dr. Kevin Peine (2014)

KP Quilt 1

And baby quilts for post docs and colleagues