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Thanks to all the volunteers at Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math night at Mary Scroggs Elementary.  We did DNA isolation, Phases of Matter, Slime, Hovercraft, and Red Cabbage pH indicator. Thanks Christina Parker (Lai lab), Monica Johnson (Ainslie Lab), Elizabeth Gurysh (Ainslie Lab), Manisit Das (Huang Lab), Justin Huckaby (Lai Lab), Jennifer Schiller (Lai Lab), Erica Pino (Ainslie Lab), Jasmine Edelstein (Lai Lab), Carla Coste Sanchez (Jay Lab), Quan Jin (Xiao Lab), Alex (Liu Lab) and Sara Musetti (Huang Lab). 20

scroggs 2017 4

svroggs 2017 4 scroggs 2017 3 scroggs 2017 2

scroggs 2017

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