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Collaborative pub on STING Agonist

August 2, 2022

“Microparticle Delivery of a STING Agonist Enables Indirect Activation of NK Cells by Antigen-Presenting Cells”

Dr. Ainslie hosted GRC Drug Carriers Power Hour

August 1, 2022 My amazing grad student Ryan Woodring helped me to put together infographics on Women & URM in Drug Delivery – but we’ll focus on Examples of Inclusion & Actionable Points.

Congrats Aliyah Tate on your poster presentation

July 26, 2022

Congrats UNC Microbiology and Immunology Department and N.C. A&T Dept. of Biology student  Aliyah Tate for your awesome poster titled: “Rapamycin-loaded Acetalated Dextran Microparticles Utilized to Reduce Inflammation”

Dylan wins CRS Trainee Award from Immuno Delivery Focus Group

July 14, 2022

Dylan’s talk about “Ace-DEX Microparticles for Broadly Active Influenza Vaccination” in Tech Session 3: Immuno Delivery which starts at 11 in 520 A/D won a CRS Trainee Award from Immuno Delivery Focus Group! Congrats Dylan!

Vaccine review 1 of top 10 most downloaded papers for NanoBioMed Res

June 16, 2022

“Considerations for size, surface charge, polymer degradation, co-delivery, & manufacturability in the development of polymeric particle vaccines for infectious diseases” is one of NanoBioMed Reseach’s most downloaded paper for the last year!