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Particle Fabrication and Characterization

    • Single emulsion sonicated nanoparticles (.docx .pdf)
    • Single emulsion homogenized nanoparticle (.docx .pdf)
    • Double emulsion nanoparticles using a homogenizer (.docx .pdf)
    • Double emulsion sonicated nanoparticles (.docx .pdf)
    • Fluorescamine Assay to Determine Protein Content in Polymer nanoparticles (.docx .pdf)
    • Measurement of endotoxin (pdf)

Cell Culture

    • Caco-2 Cell Culture Protocol (.docx .pdf)
    • RAW Macrophage Cell Maintenance (.docx .pdf)
    • Freezing down mammalian cells (.docx .pdf)
    • Working Volumes for Tissue-Culture Vessels (.xls .pdf)
    • MTT viability assay (.docx .pdf)
    • Greiss Nitric Oxide (NO) assay (.docx .pdf)
    • Standard curve frequently asked questions (.docx .pdf)
    • BCA Kit Quantification of Proteins (.docx .pdf)
    • Subculture and cryopreservation of Leishmania donovani (.docx .pdf)

Florescent Staining

    • Procedure for live dead cell analysis with cell tracker and PE (.docx .pdf)
    • Procedure for apoptosis/necrosis of non-fixed adherent cells (.docx .pdf)
    • Adherent cell ROS staining for flow cytometry (.docx .pdf)
    • Adherent Superoxide Staining for flow cytometry (.docx .pdf)



    • Spleen, Lymph Node, and BAL Harvest Protocol for ELISpot, Cytokine ELISA, and Flow (.pdf)
    • OVA ELISA for Serum Antibodies (.pdf)
    • Murine Bone Marrow-Derived Macrophage (BMM) culture (.pdf)
    • Multi-color cell surface staining (.pdf)
    • T cell CFSE Staining (.pdf)