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STEAM night at a nearby Elementary

April 20, 2023

  Phases of Matter Show Forensics show  (students solve ‘Who Broke the Cookie Jar?’) DNA isolation Luminol Blood analysis Hair analysis Fingerprint Shoe Print Making medicines Alginate Particles Red cabbage pH Coffee filter diffusion Slime Write up for all the demos … Read more

Biologic Carriers Timeline Updated

January 2, 2023

New timelines: biologics, synthetic & inorganic carriers! Added: 1992 Membrane Coated NPs (PMID: 1333772) 1955 Poly-drug conjugate (PMID: 20672864) 1912 Anti-drug conjugate (PMID: 26845587) Modified from: Download:

9 to 5 in Academia: Addressing Barriers for Women

November 11, 2022

Women receive fewer/reduced awards, teaching scores, NIH $, pubs, invites to speak at colloquiums, & pub citations than males

New pub on modeling drug release

October 12, 2022

New publication from Stiepel et al. “A predictive mechanistic model of drug release from surface eroding polymeric NPs”. Using a bit of machine learning to predict drug release from polymeric microparticles.